Friday, November 12, 2010

DIYDS: There Will Be Pricks

Wanna spruce up your boring old cactus? Do it your damn self by wrapping it in brightly colored thread. It’s gonna look as dumb as this does, but that’s the price you pay for listening to anonymous strangers on the internet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get ready for a date with someone who I really, really hope isn’t Chris Hansen.

One Response to “DIYDS: There Will Be Pricks”

  1. [...] • I’m generally a nice guy, but those who know me on a day to day know I can dish some sarcasm and cynicism from time to time as well (lucky for you I just don’t do it via this blog, hehe) Therefore, I can definitely appreciate this “bad girl’s guide to good housekeeping.” If you happen to enjoy a bit of tongue in cheek biting commentary on design- with a pinch of snarkiness , sprinkled with some (warning: NSFW) language, then this blog is for you. Be forewarned, they don’t hold back- even my blog isn’t safe! [...]

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