Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wig Out

Have a friend with a leaky implant? Severed nipple? Exploded testicle? Send a Kitty Wig card. It shows you care, but more importantly it shows you have exquisite taste in animals with fake hair. Gerbil toupees? Come on, that’s just silly. Parakeet merkins? Already in development. In the meantime, scribble scrabble on these exclusive Glamourpuss cards from Papyrus.They’re fun, festive and totally puss-ified.

You know how we pretend we’re a big deal? This time we actually are. We know the creator of Kitty Wigs and she warns, “If the cards are out of stock online, please check back in a few days as they restock the site twice a week.” Sure, sure, sure she warns everyone on her site, but she warned us personally through email. That’s right, email.


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