Thursday, April 12, 2012

Armed and Drowsy

I thought this was an under-the-bed freezer and I was like, “Yes, easy access to my Klondike Bars at last.” But it’s actually an under-the-bed gun locker with a 105 gun capacity. I can think of at least five scenarios which require 105 guns in the bedroom. Weirdly enough they all end with you getting your penis shot off.

2 Responses to “Armed and Drowsy”

  1. Eff that noise. I’m not sacrificing my box springs, just so I can have the inconvenience of pushing my mattress off to access my guns. That’s why I’ve converted a body pillow into a soft gun case and put all my other guns in my closet/gun safe. I lovingly cradle that pillow every night as I dream of shootin’ commies. WOLVERINES!!!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Man, you must be a crack shot :-)

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