Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two is the Stupidest Number

Is there a NobelĀ ErrandĀ prize? Because there should be and it should go to the inventor of The One Trip Grip. Here is a comprehensive list of things that are NOT worse than having to make two trips to get your groceries out of the car:

1) Nuclear apocalypse

2) Trying on bathing suits

3) The line at Wal-mart

4) Roaches

5) The smell of the shit Rush Limbaugh took in his pants when he heard this. Woot!

6) The ending of Lost

7) Anything by Michael Bay

8 ) Cancer

9) Satan

10) High heels that look like sneakers

11) When both cable and the internet go out

12) Airports

13) Butt pimples

14) The Twilight books

15) The Twilight movies

16) Ironing

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