Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIYDS: This Time It’s Real

Do It Your Damn Self is usually just an outlet for telling you you’re lazy and dumb and no actual making takes place. But today is different. I actually made something. No, not a number two in the potty (just anticipating the question that will pop into my mom’s head when she reads this), a coffee table.

I bought a 6′ piece of walnut from Wood World in Dallas. We had to sand it quite a bit. It was hard, so I feigned t-rex arms and let my dad do most of that part. JK, I helped.

Then we stained it. Krista’s amazing boyfriend/furniture-making-expert (of Field Day) recommended I use this Danish oil. He was not wrong. It was simple and quick and I only ruined one piece of clothing in the process. The final product ends up looking rich and hand-rubbed (like my boyfriend *rim shot*).

I bought four 18″ hairpin legs from That’s right, I only shop at places with names that say exactly what they sell. We added some braces to prevent those natural splits in the wood from expanding over time. All the screw holes were predrilled to prevent splitting. “That’s what he said,” to that last sentence.

And voila! The best table you’ve ever seen. Don’t be jealous, it causes acne and makes kittens die.

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